CFO on Call

CFO On Call – An Introduction

In recent years, CFOs have assumed increasingly complex, strategic roles focused on driving value creation across the business. Growing shareholder expectations and activism, more intense M&A, mounting regulatory scrutiny over corporate conduct and evolving expectations from the finance function have put CFOs in the middle of corporate decisions.
While financial performance is what it is, the CFO's role in helping stakeholders interpret the numbers in the context of the business environment is critical. CFOs have to play in managing investors, communicating with customers, suppliers and internal teams, bridging cultures in M&A situations, without dropping the ball on day-to-day finance functions.
Businesses today are rapidly undergoing a metamorphosis in India. From the traditionally managed family-run businesses with traditional/informal performance measurement mechanism, traditional modes of raising capital and a certain lack of performance of transparency through the organization about the future, we are beginning to see an increasing number of existing, as well as new-age, companies with a professional outlook living in an environment which is increasingly inter-connected and inter-dependent. The one key element that has changed in the way of doing business in this modern landscape is the flow of information.
In a changing business environment, the CFO is tasked with creating economic value through smart performance. It is also his responsibility to ensure that the value thus created is visible and an easy to understand parameter for investors and other stakeholders to gain their confidence and trust.
The new age CFO, therefore, must now realize that he is no longer expected to linger in the background and surface every time the results are to be announced. As the one person in the organization that has intimate knowledge of both the past performance and the expected future growth it becomes his responsibility, not only to steer the company towards a better future through smart performance but also be able to provide a transparent, big picture view of the future, to internal stakeholders, customers and investors.
As a business owner, you may not need a full-time Finance Guru nor a CFO (Chief Finance Officer) / Finance Controller (FC). But you almost certainly DO need more expertise to said through the Business successfully. The short comings of an In-House Book Keeper or the need to approach & devise a more effective Professional Environment is over come by inducting a Part Time CFO.

Who is CFO On Call?
CFO On-Call are a team of Chief Finance Officers who aid the Business Owners achieve Financial Success.
Startup CFO is a outsourcing CFO (Chief Finance Officer/Finance controller) services provider based on concept of sharing knowledge pool, skill and cost to Startups / SME & MSME (Mid-Size Corporate) with unique proprietary engagement driven by hands on implementation approach. We are amongst the leading pack of organized CFO services provider in the country.

Venture Capital and Private Equity

Our competent CFO’s / Controllers manages multiple business owners under agreed CFO services mandate with high level of professional competency & standard.
We are serving business owners under different segments like family set-ups, technocrats/professionals, PE / VC funds portfolio Companies and mid-size corporate on traditional CFO role & specialized assignment with defined services.
We also have extensive network of specialized advisors working under our guidance while providing CFO services and assist us in business & finance integration engagement per standard and customized solutions that defined quantifiable measurable matrix across our deliverables.
We stick to our motto of integrating best of management practices with excellence and Integrity at its core. The challenges of managing a startup or a growing business or as a matter of fact any business, are extraordinary!!!
We help venture capital and private equity firms with timely, accurate and comprehensive financial reporting, management dashboards and board reporting for their portfolio companies. We also assist with new investments in companies that need to upgrade financial reporting and controls.


Do You Want To Grow or Exit from Your Business?
Find Out if You Qualify

  1. Are you willing to try new ways of doing things to improve profit and cash flow?
  2. Are you willing to be accountable to a plan of improved ways of doing things?
  3. Are you willing to collaborate with your team to create the successful outcomes you desire?
  4. Are you willing to invest in resources to create efficiencies ?
  5. Does your business have minimum turnover of INR1 Crore ?

If you answered YES to all these questions you qualify for a FREE day with one of our experienced CFOs, to review your situation and likelihood of benefiting from a Financial Improvement Plan.

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CFO On Call Services SERVICES


  • Sounding Board Views to CEO/Founders/Promoters
  • Develop, Nurture, Maintain and Improve Governance Standards
  • Awareness Creation on Corporate Governance led by Corporate Compliance
  • Assistance in Formulation of Business Policies & Strategies with external agencies

  • Creation or Development of Organization Vision / Mission Statement
  • Formulation of 3 to 5 year Business Plan
  • Analysis of Business Needs & Business Requirements
  • Yearly Budget – Capex & Operational Budgets
  • Monthly Review Meetings

  • Raising / Restructuring Bank & Institutional Finance Loans
  • Strategic Investments ( Angel Investment / Private Equity / VC)
  • Debt Equity Modulation
  • Fund Management
  • Assistance with Pre-IPO preparation.
  • Managing & Mitigating Cash Conversion cycle & Banking functions with Direct linkages to financial supply chain

  • MIS Dashboard Development
  • Cost Benefit Analysis & Cost Management
  • Customer Profitability and Product Profitability
  • Assistance in Recruitment of a professional for Top Management Team
  • Employee Performance Management Systems with KPIs.
  • Profit Margin Analysis
  • Financial Analysis & Effectiveness

  • Treasury Management
  • Executive Management Reports
  • New Business Verticals & Assistance in Research of New Business
  • Business Model Analysis
  • Financial Hygiene of Accounts
  • DEAL ASSISTANCE & FLOW PROCESS – Clients & Vendors

  • Deal Room Preparation
  • Due Diligence of Vendor & Distributor
  • Decision Making and Analysis with Potential Acquirers, Targets or Collaborators
  • Collaborate with Foreign Partners / International Business
  • Cost Effective Process of Deal Negotiations with Vendors and Profitability Deal Negotiations with Customers/Clients

  • Improvements in existing Financial & Accounting Operations
  • Re-Engineering of Internal Controls
  • Risk Management & Risk Mitigation
  • Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement
  • Product and Customer Rationalization
  • Fixing of Key Performance Indicators
  • Enterprise Resource Planning /Business Intelligence Tool Implementations

  • Day-to-Day Accounting Compliances
  • Transaction Assurance, Processes and Controls
  • Tax Compliances’ & Tax Planning
  • Compliance Reports
  • Assistance in IFRS
  • Get Ready for GST
  • Complex Accounting Reconciliations
  • Financial Healthiness & Effectiveness
  • Structuring Financial Operations to suit Best of Industrial Practices
  • Support Services for Data Migration to ERP
  • Accounts Receivable Recovery Time Cycle And Solutions

  • Day-to-Day Accounting Compliances
  • ​ Transaction Assurance, Processes and Controls
  • ​ Tax Compliances’ & Tax Planning
  • ​ MIS Reports & Compliance Reports
  • ​ Get Ready for GST & GST Compliances
  • ​ Complex Accounting Reconciliations
  • ​ Share Holders Agreement
  • ​ Share Purchase Agreement
  • ​ Company Law Compliances & Secretarial Practices
  • ​ Business Valuations
  • ​ Structuring Financial Operations to suit Best of Industrial Practices
  • ​ Support Services for Data Migration to ERP
  • ​ Accounts Receivable Recovery Time Cycle And Solutions
  • ​ Bank Referrals
  • ​ Shared Office Connectivity